With 25 years of experience, the John Driege Group has truly established itself, and is becoming a major player on its scale. The company is now specialized in the logistics and transport of seafood, fresh and frozen products.


Since its establishment in 1994, John Driege has continued to expand its business in several territories, specializing in the international transport of seafood products.

In a second phase,our Group has also responded to the demand to extend its knowhow on fresh and frozen products.

To date, the John DriegeCompany, represented in Luxembourg, Belgium and France, has diversified and is growing at its own pace, remaining faithful to its family values, its customers and its employees.


The John Driege Group has made itself known in recent years, because of its quality of service to its customers and because of their great flexibility as a provider of specific solutions.

In the values of our company, we can also say that we work with a dedicated fleet of vehicles.

The people in our group are at the heart of our project, with a strong culture of respect for people and our customers.

We must not forget our commitment, proximity, listening, responsiveness and food security.

Performance is a priority for John Driege, which is why we are constantly at the heart of innovation, with the development of our material and human resources in order to meet the demands of our customers, partners and collaborators.

The result is a customized solution designed to increase the flexibility and productivity of your supplychain.


The John DriegeGroup, spread over several entities, has grown rapidly taking into account the changes in the markets and the demands of our customers.

To realize this, we also had to pass on our know how by properly integrating new employees into the John Driege Group.

All these changes have enabled us, over time, to transform ourselves, to react and to pass on our skills internally.